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All ready for December – my most favourite month of the year!! How’s your calendar shaping up this month? #calendarclock printable for #filofax #kikkik and #midori on #etsy

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Kept it nice and simple for November. Show me yours!

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Who doesn’t love a bit of #confetti ?! My daughter’s first birthday party was a bit of a confettifest, so I went with it for my October #calendarclock .

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NEW calendar design now available on #etsy , just in time for the new year! A perpetual monthly overview calendar, with a blank header for your own doodles and diagonal lines below for notes.

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It’s almost upon us!! Have you started working on your #filofax for #2020 yet?! All the weird and wonderful inserts you could possibly need over in my #etsyshop !

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My Patchwork Notepaper works pretty well as a week on two pages diary, don’t you think? (Available for #filofax and as a week on four pages for #midori link in profile)

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Date night… #filofax and #midori #calendar #printables available on #etsy in bio.

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Working on another of my NEW 12hr Daily Calendar Clocks, this one is printed on buff #recycledpaper What do you print yours on? Calendar Clock #printables available on #etsy in profile. #olm12hrdailycalendarclock

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As we are careering towards the end August… .Calendar Clocks for #filofax and #midori available in my #etsyshop in profile.

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I also get asked about which pens and paint I use. Again I just use odds and sods that I’ve accumulated over the years, but before I buy anything, I refer to Vegan Womble for their #crueltyfree art and craft supplies list. I tend to use #acrylicpaint like #watercolor, I have no idea why, I guess I just use whatever’s to hand! I’m really not picky! FLOPSCOTCH WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER FOR CHOOSING CRUELTY FREE!


I’ve been asked a few times what kind of paper I print my #filofax and #midori inserts on. My answer is, anything I can lay my hands on as long as it is #crueltyfree . My favourite paper at the moment is Hahnemuhle mixed-media bamboo paper, largely because of its #eco and #animalfriendly credentials. Plus it has a gorgeous texture. I often use scraps of paper I have lying around from other projects too – I just print one of my designs and cut the paper to size. I love using coloured handmade or recycled paper too. The great thing about printing your own inserts is that you’re not restricted to one kind of paper – you can switch it up depending on the media you want to try that day. Incidentally, Vegan Womble has an extensive, ever increasing list of animal gubbin free art and craft supplies, which I help to keep updated. Flopscotch will love you forever for choosing cruelty free!


NEW 12hr daily #calendar clock design on #etsy ! Each clock has 12 segments, divided into 15 minute time slots. The centre circle is blank for you to add the date, and the outer circle is designed for you to write (or stamp) your chosen hours, making it totally customizable. #printables available on Etsy

First post for a while I know, but I’m back now, having taken a break to help my OH at Banjo Design ! (Used yellow on this one, as it’s his current favourite colour)!

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