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A5 #filofax inserts NEW on #etsy! An example of my A5 #music notepaper here printed on #recycledpaper (A5 #printables available in my #etsyshop)

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NEW in my #etsyshop – 2 Page Calendar Clocks! Here’s my November ready to fill in.

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Working on an example of my NEW month on 2 pages #calendar clock (in my #etsyshop)

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NEW Patchwork Notepaper in my #etsyshop for when writing endlessly from left to right (or right to left) becomes monotonous.

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Nyctophilia (n.) Love of darkness or night. #definition transferred with a blender pen under one of my tiny canvases, in my #midoritravelersnotebook. (Diagonally ruled notepaper for sale in my #etsyshop)

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I don’t know how I ever managed without my #frixionpen Erasable ink is a life-saver! #penlover (Various notepapers available in my #etsyshop)

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I’ve designed Calendar Clocks for #travelersnotebook! What do you think? Good idea? Available in my #etsyshop Link in profile

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I once heard Jim Carrey say in an interview, that when he was struggling as a young comic, he wrote himself a cheque for $10 million dated 5 years on, and tucked the cheque safely away in his wallet… 5 years later he was offered $10 million for Dumb & Dumber. This little wooden #vintage #monopoly house, is my equivalent – I’ve always dreamed of building a forever family home and having this physical reminder to hold in my hand, keeps me focussed on that goal… the multi million pound cheque can wait… for now! So go order lots of digi downloads from my #etsyshop so I can build my family a home! Link in bio!


New toy! #midoritravelersnotebook I couldn’t find a #veganleather wrap cover, so I made my own! Of course I’ve also designed a bunch of printable #travelersnotebook inserts available in my #etsyshop !


Recipe notepaper – NEW in my #etsyshop! It has straight lines for ingredients and diagonal lines for directions. Scrummy lemon cake recipe by @ethicalchef

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Diary doodles! Printable #filofax #calendar clocks in my little #etsyshop

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A little #journalling excersize – graph paper keeps me in line, printed on sketch paper for robustness! (#filofax graph paper inserts available in my #etsyshop) #oddslikeme

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